Thames-Isis Rituals

In 2013, we began to (re)create and facilitate river Thames-related Goddess Isis ceremonies.  It all began as a fun venture for making small wooden boats and sailing them on river Thames. However our research revealed mentions of Isis rituals on river Nile in ancient times in Egypt.  Inspired by this, and knowing Thames has other names such as Tamesis which some consider to be `Thames-Isis’,  we began to create genuine ceremonies.


In the first year we conducted the following.  Detailed publicity for each of these can be found in our sub-menus. 

Our Thames-Isis ceremonies are now in their 7th year.

And we have learnt that others have been doing these rituals by river Thames before us (and will no doubt to after us), and that even in far away lands such as India, members of `The Fellowship of Isis’  do facilitate rituals by their local rivers – in their case by the Indian sacred river  Ganga.  

-Mani Navasothy

3rd March 2013:

Isidias Navigatum : Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony (Isidias Navigatum). Ritual outline (tbc): A statue of the Goddess will be carried to the water, where flowers-wreathed women may offer mirrors so that she may see her beauty. Priests will pour milk on the sands from a pitcher shaped like Isis’s breast, then sprinkle the statue with precious perfumes. As the final part of the ritual, a small replica boat will be filled with spices and sent (out to sea) as an offering to the Goddess Isis.  

7th July 2013:

Submerging Sekhmet – A Protection Ritual for London. Submerging Sekhmet: A Ceremony for Protection of London. Few months ago, Caroline Wise shared a picture of a Sekhmet statue in Fellowship of Isis group ..and info about a Sekhmet statue that is supposedly submerged by Waterloo Bridge, protecting London. That has inspired this Ceremony. We are (this week) collecting raw clay from the river Thames (Hammersmith area) and a small Sekhmet statue will be made, and left to air-dry naturally. On Sunday 7th July (evening) ..just prior to Sunset, and at low tide, we’ll gather in Central London for a Ceremony, and then get down to the riverbanks to ritually submerge this Sekhmet statue. Ceremony facilitated by Caroline Wise & members of Fellowship of Isis.

17th July 2013:

Night of the Cradle: Birthday of Isis:   This is the event that marks the Night when the Sky Goddess Nut  gives birth to Goddess Isis.  A decorative altar hides the statue of Isis, while we have Nut on display.  During ceremony, Nut is praised then Isis is revealed.  There then follows various adorations, invocations and honouring of Isis – including bathing her in milk, and offering flowers and perfumes. 

17th November 2013:

Quests of Isis – Mourning, longing and finding of Osiris : When her husband Osiris was tricked and killed by his brother Set, Isis was distraught. She began a quest to look for the missing body of Osiris. Upon finding it she hid it in a safe place by the river Nile. But Set found it and tore it into 14 pieces and scattered them all along the river, hoping they will be eaten by various creatures. Isis, with the help of her sister Nephthys, found all but one pieces, fashioned a phallus (missing piece) and with her magic brought Osiris to life, and united with him (to conceive Horus the falcon-headed Sun god). Soon after, Osiris descended to the Underworld to remain there and rule as its King. This ritual enacts aspects of this mythology in ritual form.