Submerging Sekhmet

As part of our first year of Thames-Isis ceremonies, we were inspired by the stories of a Sekhmet statue falling into river Thames decades ago. So we created this special ceremony to make that magic manifest as a protection rite for London.  Note: In 2018, we created another special ritual `Rise of Sekhmet’ on the day of Solar Eclipse. 

Submerging Sekhmet: A Ceremony for Protection of London (7th July 2013)


Few months ago, Caroline Wise shared a picture of a Sekhmet statue in Fellowship of Isis group ..and info about a Sekhmet statue that is supposedly submerged by Waterloo Bridge, protecting London. That has inspired this Ceremony.
We are (this week) collecting raw clay from the river Thames (Hammersmith area) and a small Sekhmet statue will be made, and left to air-dry naturally. On Sunday 7th July (evening) ..just prior to Sunset, and at low tide, we’ll gather in Central London for a Ceremony, and then get down to the riverbanks to ritually submerge this Sekhmet statue.

Ceremony to be facilitated by Caroline Wise & members of Fellowship of Isis..


-Meeting will be by the Cleopatra’s Needle, Embankment, at 7pm. This gives us plenty of time to meet & greet, and coordinate movements.

-We expect to perform A consecration ceremony by the Cleopatra’s Needle, between the Obilisk and the 2 seated Sphinxes.

-Then we’ll walk to the Southbank side of the river Thames (either via Waterloo bridge, or by the footbridges by Embankment) and get down closer to the base of Waterloo bride. Exact spot may vary, depending on access & privacy (there are 3 stairs access to the river…to the sandy riverbanks..)

NOTE: The sandy/gravel area by the river is somewhat full of sharp objects, and stones. So extreme care is required if anyone is going to `wander and explore’ . Thames water is not entirely safe for handling or ingesting. So if anyone does handle it, we suggest using anticeptic wet-wipes / hand-gels afterwards as an added safety.

Relevant data:

Sunset is about 9.17 pm (british summer time)

Lowest tide is 20:51pm (bst) at Tower Pier.

The following day (8th July’13) is a new moon in cancer (morning).

So the ceremony should be concluding by 9pm coincide with sunset, and it will be taking place at low tide (perfectly safe).