Welcome to TLC

Tamesa London Circle, established in 2006, Celebrates and works magically and spiritually with the River Thames, and it’s spirit (or deity)- known as Thamesis, Tamesa or Thames Isis. This includes the woods & parks of London. River Thames has a long association with London’s history and is full of ancient mysteries- worshiped from Tribal times to Romans and modern pagans and Hindus. Ancient artifacts and bones of cattle and human are still buried in it’s depths. These often surface after a high tide, along the shores.


Tamesa Lunar Rituals/ Wicca Full moon ceremonies (monthly). suitable for beginners and experienced magical practitioners. Outdoor rituals on the banks of river Thames, and in nearby parks when appropriate. These rituals are based on Lunar cycles (full moon, dark moon, eclipses and work with energies and tides of the river Thames. Hence ritual days, times and locations vary (anywhere between the source of the Thames, to several central London locations, and at South-end-at-Sea where the river Thames meets the sea!).  We now have monthly `Wicca Full Moon ceremonies’ by river Thames in central London.  

Tamesa Healing Circle: These briefly ran at Atlantis Bookshop, but were discontinued. We now run Quarterly `Gaia-Selene: Psychic Healing & Protection’ circles in a north London woods. (see our meetup events for this). 


Thames-Isis Rituals: 

We  completed our magical explorations of the Thames-Isis Ceremonies in 2013. And having been well-received by so many people who attended these rituals, we were inspired to continue them and have been doing so to present day (2019). see full details of Thames-Isis rituals

These events are a combination of magical ceremonies & pagan socials, and attune participants into the mysteries and magic of the Goddess Isis in a series of rituals to be held by the banks of river Thames in London. (Tamesis is an old name of river Thames, and supposedly means `Thames-Isis’).

Tamesa serpent & inner child (Transpersonal concepts behind the name & logo): 

After much soul searching, and realising there is a proactive effort needed for us to look after ourselves as well as the world around us, we aptly named this community group `Tamesa London Circle’ which also had the initials TLC (Tender Loving Care!). And our symbol (shown here) is the Magical Inner-child riding on the Tamesa Serpent beneath the waves of the river (symbolic of the Subconscious). We have done specific rituals o this matter to empower those attending (photo above).